Day 6: Another Day

As time goes on, time doesn't matter. On vacation in the rainforest with at least two weeks to go, it's just another day.  Last night I fell asleep with the sounds of cicadas and frogs and rushing stream water in the background, and woke up this morning in the treehouse in silence. Beautiful. 

No plans for today other than relaxing, reading, catching up on what we could around the intermittent wifi. Got news on the Blue Jay and the Leafs of course, went for walk in the monsoon season rain, and when the sun came out later, we were standing on the ridge looking down valley between mountain ranges in northern Thailand. It is so hot and humid here in the rainforest, you sweat just standing still.

On the walk back, looking for some of that wonderful grilled Mu Ping (pork) we spotted a grill roadside. Smelling the smoking coals, we asked if they had Mu Ping. Ever eager to please, the Thai woman who doesn't know Word One of English, smiles and nods. What we saw was clearly chicken livers on a skewer, and something that looked like oxygen hose from the IC unit of Toronto General. Fifteen bhat later we were the owners of two skewers, one of gizzards, one of chicken intestines, ever so carefully folded and speared and grilled. Katy said she'd try it, since I grossed her out at the market yesterday. Howzit? I asked, but she just kept chewing as she proffered the skewer my way. I took the next bite and she asked what it tasted like.  Like rubber hose! I said. Whose dumb idea was this anyway?

Tomorrow is the elephant hunt.