Drinking in Vegas: A Few Pro Tips

Mirage Pool drinks - $33 a pop. Drinking in Vegas is pretty much a given, otherwise you've chosen one of the worst places on the planet to vacation. Leave immediately.

Because it's a tourist hotspot, however, prices tend to be outrageous. (I'm looking at you, Mirage Pool)

Pro tip: there are ways to do this on the cheap.

Option A: Buy your own booze at the drug store. Alcohol at stores in the USA isn't like in Canada. Because it isn't controlled by the government, there are reasonable prices attached. Downside? As I mentioned in my last post, most resorts are savvy to this and have weight-measured fridges. So you can't move anything and put your own stuff to cool down instead. Solution: ice bucket, and/or the tub, depending on how crazy of a night you're planning on having.

Option B: Visit Casino Royale. $1 beers, $2 mixed drinks. Need I say more? Oh and the best part - in Vegas, you can carry alcohol in public out onto the street. So you can buy and fly (ok that was lame). It's in the middle of the Strip, so you can access and go anywhere before/after/between reloads.

Option C: Play the casino. Servers will come around the floor, and as long as you're playing a game, be it slots or a table game, drinks are FREE. that's right, free. Downsides: it can take a bit of time for them to notice you at first; drinks are free, but if you expect them to come back with any speed/if at all, you should tip them. A buck or two should do the trick. So they're not quite free. But this works in every casino.

DO NOT: Buy bottle service at a club. It is the most overpriced rip off I have ever encountered (seriously--would you pay $5000 for the privilege of sitting on a couch in a room that's too loud to talk to the person beside you, and you might end up getting 1/5 of the bottle? That's like $1000 drinks!) and strangers nearby will probably steal most of it anyway. If you're into that/have money to light on fire, go nuts. Otherwise, #notworthit. If you're a girl, ignore this--you will never have to buy and you will almost always get in for free. Yay Vegas! Sorry, boys.