Fountains, Food, and Fishes

IMG_3160 Apparently Dubai likes to combine tourism with shopping, which if you think about it, is a pretty smart thing to do. I'm beginning to understand why they like to put things like ski hills and aquariums in their malls, because people will come for one and stay for the other. Genius! Free marketing for all!

Today, I got to see the Dubai Aquarium, which is at the other big mall called the Dubai Mall (I was at Mall of the Emirates yesterday). The Aquarium is 3 stories tall, the largest in the world (of course, it's Dubai), and costs 30 bucks to go in. Um, no thanks. I took the poor man's admission price and just gandered from behind the velvet rope. Admission only buys you the chance to walk through it. Which is kind of neat, but not necessary. Especially for that price.


It was cool to see, but I have a feeling the one in Toronto is cooler, as seen from all my friends' Instagram feeds (Note to self: I need to go see it myself, because I want some #jellyfishselfies!)

It was therefore no surprise that in the middle of this mall, in addition to the aquarium, there is a skating rink. I immediately thought, "cool! This plus Tim Horton's...if I just stay inside I can hardly tell I'm not in Canada!" Until upon closer inspection, all the arab women were skating around, abayas fluttering in the breeze like it ain't no thang. You definitely wouldn't see much of THAT in Canada.

IMG_3156  IMG_3158

After that I was off to Mango Tree, which had epic, awesome Thai food. But that wasn't even close to the best part. I sat at a table on their balcony, right at the front and centre, while the Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world) towered above me, and had the best seat in the house for the Dubai Fountains. The whole thing was straight outta the Bachelor playbook. I'm not kidding, that ran across my mind several times. I kept looking around for a rose to appear on the table! I mean, the setting was so magnificent and romantic, I could've been on a date with Juan Pablo and still been fawning over it (for anyone who watches the show, you'll know what I mean...he was the worst.) Exhibit A:


DSC_0519 DSC_0514

I need to explain about the fountains. I haven't been to Vegas (yet--plans are in the works for my birthday this year!) but I've been told it's similar to the fountains at the Bellagio. All I know is it was the most epic way to have dinner I've ever seen. There was a show every 20 minutes, and each time it was different. Different pattern, different music. It was truly spectacular, and a must-see for anyone who visits. Fellas, you're welcome. I've just found your anniversary/birthday/proposal venue.