Dubai or Not To Buy

...I'm embarrassed for myself, don't worry. I love a good terrible good pun, what can I say? Today was spent doing Dubai's national pastime: SHOPPING. We all know I squealed in delight when I discovered this fact (and I may or may not have brought an empty suitcase inside another suitcase for this purpose).

Shameless Shopping Selfie.

I knew the shopping would be good; I didn't know it would be THAT good. They literally have every store that I like back home, and then tons that I've never heard of! Needless to say, I made off with a small fortune in tax-free goodies.

Some spoils from my shopping spree.

Another neat thing about the mall? There's a SKI HILL inside. No joke. I remember seeing it featured on the Amazing Race a few years back, and was dying to try it out, but due to my recent adventures in acetabular repair, I decided for my hip's sake it was best to take a pass this time around. I promise you I will be back to test it out in the future!

The famous Ski Dubai...hip surgery prevented me from trying it out. Someday...

After making off with a small fortune in tax-free purchases, I headed to the Dubai marina at night for some sheesha and food. No booze because if you remember, it's only sold at hotels. It was pretty chilly, but luckily Dubai has an extremely strong patio game, and are fully prepared for "winter" with heat lamps and luscious blankets for all.

Dubai Marina at night.

View of the Marina.

(Sorry for the poor photo quality in some of these, but there are times when you just don't feel like lugging your DSLR around with you. Someone invent an iPhone that can take DSLR-quality photos, and I will pay the premium for it!)

I took a stroll after dinner and found the only thing that could make me homesick: Tim Horton's. I can't believe they have one here. AND they know what a double-double is! (That fact won me a bet, and free coffee as well!)

I knew this felt like home for a reason...Tim Horton's exists here! And they know what a double-double is! (I won a bet and free coffee because of this fact!)

I could get used to this!