Church on Sunday


Apparently I'm a bad Catholic. I didn't realize that going to the Vatican on a Sunday means the museums are all closed (Sabbath). Lucky for me, going on a Sunday means you will get blessed by the Pope instead. Repentance! Nez and I stood in St. Peter's square and watched as a tapestry was hung out of a random window in the Vatican.20111009-123319.jpg Then, at noon, Jesus appeared! Just kidding. But close! Pope Benedict gave his little wave to the crowd, then said a bunch of stuff in latin that no one understood but pretended to anyways. Lastly, he did a bunch of shout-outs in all the languages he could think of, and the crowd reacted accordingly. Most importantly, we were blessed by the Pope! 20111009-123130.jpg
Just me and the Pope
After the speech, we went into St. Peter's, which is really impressive inside. I completely understand why it's the headquarters here. It is a little strange, however, having to cover up my legs and shoulders. I expect that when I go to mosques or temples, but in a church? They're just shorts! 20111009-123307.jpg
Me and my improvised cover-up inside St. Peter's Basilica
Later, Nez and I went for a nice dinner of gnocchi and risotto (and place mats with Whitney Houston on them? Random),
then headed to the Coliseum to take some photos at night. Took about 3 good ones and 300 blurry ones--quite the learning curve with low lighting. Did a handstand and cut my foot on broken glass--not the smartest thing I've done this trip. 20111009-123646.jpg

I rallied, however, and walked to the Trevi Fountain. There were only about 15 other people there, so it was comparatively empty to daytime (when the tourist hordes are out in full force). Almost fell in while taking photos. Fun fact: about 3000 Euros are thrown into that fountain EVERY DAY. Maybe if Italy started collecting it, they would improve their financial situation a little...I contributed to it, but in true backpacker style, I threw in one cent. A Euro is way over my price ceiling, let's be real here! 20111009-123758.jpg<brMy near-miss with the water, caught on film So I didn't get to see Sistine Chapel. I know, I know--I went to Rome and didn't see the Sistine Chapel!--But it's really fine: I'm so oversaturated with historical sights in Rome that they're losing a bit of their lustre. I'd rather go back when I have a fresh mind--and now I have a reason to return to Rome!
Me and Nez in front of the Coliseum



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