Barcelona Day 3

September 14: I had a quiet day today, just exploring the city. I went for a 4 HR walk, stopping in a cafe for a break and to do some reading. Anyone who's interested in a new book to read, I suggest Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything. Great non-fiction read; but there's so much information packed in that you can only read a little at a time. The perfect travel companion. Really makes you think!

That night, I went to Kirin, a sushi bar that had all the food on a conveyor belt. You just took whatever you wanted and since it was all you can eat, everything cost the same! Not great but when you haven't had sushi in months, it tasted amazing. I lost my keycard somewhere that day so I had to replace it for 2 euros. Early to bed since I could feel the sore throat getting worse. Apparently I didn't just lose my voice.



26 / only child / Canadian

21 Countries & counting

5 Continents

English Bulldog named Meatball


Food – Sushi

City – London

Country –  Nepal

Season – Summer

Experience – paragliding over Pokhara