So I'm Not Invincible

As it turns out (who knew?). I've never had an allergic reaction before (except for being a lacktard, and that incident with Buckley's where I passed out) so I didn't worry about the 6 hour hike through the Indian jungle around the mountain this afternoon. After 14km, I get home and am so excited to take a shower--that's a long hike! Then I look down at my legs and I see angry splotches everywhere...All of a sudden they start to itch, which quickly escalated to pain and more bumps. Then I started getting short of breath. That's when I ran to the doctor thinking something is seriously wrong here.

Turns out there was a plant in the jungle that releases pollen when it's really humid out (like today), and I'm pretty allergic. I was kind of confused because it's not like it touched my bare skin, but apparently the spores will go right through your clothing and there's not much you can do about it.

Currently on India's version of anti-histamines. Hopefully the swelling goes down soon and I will be able to get some sleep.

This country is really putting me through the ringer!

Ps- No pictures included in this post. You definitely do not need to see me looking like Hitch when he eats shellfish (hopefully you get that reference). Just imagine the hilarity. You're welcome.



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