Traveling on Greek Time


Doing my best to look "statuesque"

Corfu Day 4/Istanbul Day 1 - July 7

When we got back from our quad adventure, some new workers had arrived at the hostel. Ben and Mitchell are friends from Baltimore who are traveling together after graduating, similar to what I'm doing. I can now confirm the legend of the Orioles fan...they do exist. And they feel our pain as Jays fans. Joe is from Brighton, England, and just about to start film school. They are all great and I'm pretty bummed we only got to spend one night together!

We all decided to head down to the beach and make a bonfire under the stars--we ended up inviting everyone who was staying at the hostel, and I think most people came. I also decided that it was a toga party, because if you're in Greece, you have to wear a toga at some point. Mada, the owner of the hostel, showed me how to tie it properly. 20110708-123547.jpg

It was a great night, lying on the beach, looking at the stars, which were just as amazing as they were when I went midnight swimming. Our conversations turned quite philosophical, which I think is quite fitting for the setting we were in. When in Rome...

I definitely did not get up in time to rent a quad and drive 2 hours to go horseback riding at 9 am, so enjoy the 5 Euro donation for your horses, Costas! Today I flew to Istanbul. I needed to get to the airport from the hostel, but Mada said she could drive at 9 am (flight at 4 pm) or I could take the bus...(see earlier post on this subject for my views) Obviously this led me to hire a taxi. Which came 40 minutes late. It was Berlin all over again! I just need to realize greek time is a lot more fluid than in north america, especially around siesta time.

I really wanted to stop and McDonald's so I could continue my trend of having it in every city I go to, but we were so late! The cab driver understood the importance of this expedition, however, and chauffeured me to the only one in Corfu so I could try the Chicken Bacon Onioner. DELISH. He dropped me off with 20 mins to spare AND didn't charge me extra for the detour. What a guy.

I flew to Athens, then caught a connecting flight to Istanbul. I have to navigate my way to the hostel, which appears to be a bit complicated, so wish me luck...

Mitch and I


20110708-123555.jpg Dana and I in our togas on the beach



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