Rain Means Retail Therapy

Today it rained, so Gavin and I went shopping on Oxford Street. I needed to get at least a raincoat and a jacket, and ended up buying some shoes too. Oops. I tried to remember I have to carry this stuff with me everywhere I go, but a girl's gotta do what her feet tell her to, and mine said "wear these!" I listened. And now I regret having an extra pair of shoes.

We grabbed a quick lunch at Pret a Manger, this chain of sandwiches to go,  and then headed home in the afternoon.

I forgot to tell you yesterday that I had an authentic English Lunch! Fish and Chips...and mushy peas. Blech! So disgusting. We also had Pimms, an english drink with strawberries and cucumber in it, very summery.

Alright, where was I? I think I went home and napped for a bit, then got ready to meet Olly in Covent Garden. I underestimated the amount of time it took to get there and was almost half an hour late--I felt awful! Thank god Olly was a good sport about it and actually waited for me! We had a great time learning about our cultural differences, me trying not to let it show that I couldn't understand about every other word...those English accents are tricky! He took me to a pub called the Porterhouse, where they brew their own ale, so of course I had to try it--surprise, I loved it! He was a great host, and I wish him luck on his adventure race this weekend...hopefully he makes it through 2 days and 12 hours of racing! CRAZY I tell you. I hope we can meet up again when I go back through London in October. I forgot to take a picture with him, so you'll just have to imagine a dashing young Englishman.

Tomorrow is my birthday (23rd)! 



26 / only child / Canadian

21 Countries & counting

5 Continents

English Bulldog named Meatball


Food – Sushi

City – London

Country –  Nepal

Season – Summer

Experience – paragliding over Pokhara