Laundry, Hate the iPad Day

Berlin Day 3 - Sunday 26th Wow. What a party! So that birthday thing I told you about yesterday was for a friend of Johanna's that I used to know when I was really little (but I don't remember a whole lot)...turns out she lives in Berlin and is a famous actress on a German soap opera! (Google "Anna und die Liebe")

We borrowed a friend's bike and rode through the streets of Berlin at sunset to get there, stopping by the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall, which was a really cool experience. You really don't get that feeling until you see it in person of what it must've been like to live in a city with something like that. Crazy.

So the party was her, her friends, and most of the cast from this show, which is apparently a really big deal to people in Germany. She had a pile of gifts from friends, and a pile sent to her by fans of the show--it was so funny watching her open them! It was such a fun experience (minus the second hand smoke--why does everyone love cigarettes so much here? It's really popular compared to Canada)

My German is starting to come back to me--having to speak it at the party last night got things rolling again. Some other friends of mine who are also in Berlin met up with us at the party, and I think we are going for dinner with them later tonight. Today has just been a lazy day, trying to figure out uploading pictures onto my blog and whatnot. I needed a day like this! It's also laundry day, since I've been wearing basically all the warmest things I brought with me everyday!

Tomorrow will be the major sightseeing day in Berlin, then I have to decide whether to take a 9 and 1/2 hour train ride through Germany to Vienna (which could be very beautiful, but it's a full day, and if they don't have wireless or a plug on the train, I'm going to get bored), or take a flight (much quicker, 1 hr flight, but probably more expensive, and I have to deal with the bicep curling bag again, ugh). Ciao for now!



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