Losing my Vegas Virginity

Welcome to Vegas! Sign at the airport. Flying over the Grand Canyon really gives you perspective on how massive it is.

When we arrived in Vegas in the early evening (after flying over the Grand Canyon, which was epic), we got a cab, where I immediately proceeded to drop my iPhone on the sidewalk and shatter the screen. Standard Kat.

We were booked into the Mirage for the first part of the trip, and our final night at Monte Carlo, because if you are a rewards member anywhere, you can do things like this and save a ton of money (more on that later).

The Mirage. GREAT location and great value, can't go wrong with staying here.

Anyway, the Mirage was cool--modern rooms, although the fridge was weight-controlled, meaning we couldn't remove anything to put our own, much cheaper booze from the drug store in there to cool. Boo!

We headed out to the Strip to grab a bite to eat and see some sights. Adam (my partner in crime, who you'll be seeing frequently on this blog) is a huge fan of Guy Fieri, so naturally the first place we tried had to be his new burger bar. I ordered some tuna tacos, and he had a heart attack  a burger. The food was pretty good, and the cocktails were especially delicious.

Guy Fieri's Burger Joint

Adam's Outta Bounds Burger

Enjoying some tuna tacos at Guy Fieri's

After that, we headed over to the Linq, which is basically an outdoor shopping promenade with lots of cool shops. It reminded me a lot of the Santa Monica Pier, but more Vegas-y. You can also catch a ride on the Highroller from here, Vegas' answer to the London Eye. We didn't do it because it was $35 per person but it's probably a pretty cool view.

Snapshot of me in Vegas! (on the Linq)

That's all for Night 1! Stay tuned for more on the Strip and other fun Vegas activities coming up.