Off The Map


I've been off the grid for a while. I was in the Andaman Islands for the past few days. For anyone who doesn't know where that is (aka most of you, because I'm a geography nerd and I had never heard of them until we decided to go there), they are a tiny island archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean closer to Thailand, although they belong to India. There is only one way to get there, and that's via the single daily domestic flight from Chennai. That should give you an idea of how remote this place was, and as such, there was no internet until I got to Delhi, which is where I am now. So the next few posts are from this past weekend--I wrote them but couldn't upload til now. Bear with me and enjoy me making up for lost time? (I wrote a lot, because I had a wicked time!). ***



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Food – Sushi

City – London

Country –  Nepal

Season – Summer

Experience – paragliding over Pokhara