London Cold-ing.

Holy crap it's freezing. I packed light, considering it's summer and I thought I'd be worried about getting sunburnt everyday. Instead, I'm worried about having feeling in my toes when I wake up in the morning. Why is it so cold!?! I had to go shopping and buy a jacket, and I may buy some sweaters too. of course, I only brought one pair of pants, so these jeans are getting broken in pretty quick.

I hope the Mediterranean is warmer when I head there in september or I'm in trouble. At least this means I should be pleasantly comfortable in India this summer, right?

Gatwick Express TicketAnyway, I took the Gatwick Express ($17.90 one way) to Victoria station, where my friend Gavin met me. He's a friend of mine from Guelph who is potentially doing his PhD at Oxford, so he decided to move to London for the summer. He found this amazing loft on, so I chose that over a hostel (tough choice, I know). So we are staying in a prof's flat who teaches political science at LSE, and is in Africa for six months. Pretty neat set-up.

Gavin convinced me not to nap when I got home, so instead we got changed, dropped my stuff off, and went on a walking tour of london. I saw - Buckingham Palace - Parliament - Big Ben - The London Eye (but we didn't go up, I refuse to waste money on that unless its a date in which case I shouldn't be paying anyway) - A telephone booth -  A traditional English Pub - The Prime Minister's House - St. James' Park

which is quite a lot for one afternoon. I was frozen and exhausted by that point, so we headed home for a nap. When I woke up we wandered through Belsize Park (the neighborhood we're in) and found "Chez Bob", a (you guessed it) french resto. It wasn't bad, I had chicken kiev--although I thought that meant broccoli inside--apparently in England it means liquefied butter. Bring on the heart attacks.

After that, I had a quick experience in a gay karaoke bar in Soho, which we exited promptly after a rousing performance of Celine Dion's "All By Myself." If you keep singing, I'm fairly certain you'll know why, buddy.

We headed across the street to O Bar, where they had amazing music and old couches with wood paneling-kind of reminded me of Pravda in Toronto, but authentic. At the end of the night, Gav and I managed to navigate the late-night bus system (the Tube stops at like 2 am I think) and found our way home.

 Tomorrow I am meeting up with Olly, (for you Beacon Hallers, Mr. Jeffery's nephew that was kind enough to meet me for a drink and chat for a bit) so I'll keep you posted. Until then, a good first day!



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